Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy December!

Hello there family! Its Monday again and I am just here typing away in this internet cafe packed with kids (school got out and now all the jovens (youth) are here addicted to facebook and video games... What´s new though right? Haha.
Anyway, this week was good. I am still here with my companion, Elder Colque here in Abundancia. Not much happened this week, but here we go.
This week...
We were walked down the street and I noticed there was some one in the corner of my eye. It was a long-time investigator sitting on the sidewalk. I felt like I should talk to him. We went over and just said hi, and it was obvious by the smell that he had been drinking. We asked him how he was. He told us that he fell again into temptation. He started crying, telling us that there is no hope, he just cant break the drinking habit. I sat next to him and just listened for a bit, and then started to talk to him about how God is more powerful than Satan and how through Christ we really can change. Maybe we havent done everything perfect in the past, but it doesnt matter to God. Today is the day to act and to change.
Over and over I told him, dont give up. Never give up. Christ will help you. Christ will help you change.
It was a great experience, because not only did he leave with a little more animos (uhhh... ummpph??? Excitement? Something like that.) but I also felt the Spirit bear testimony once again to my heart that really anyone can change, even the worst of all people. The Lord will help us change, we just have to start little by little today. I know that is the truth.
I had exchanges with my district leader, Elder Corralez this week. My companion went with the district leader and the newbie greenie came to my area to work with me. it was good, we talked about a lot of things to help him with his Spanish and everything.
We got new news about the way we should work now. Our Key Indictators changed again, this time taking away the emphasis on just teaching lessons and everything, but now we are to go out and rescue the less actives and recent converts. I like the new news, but it is a bit difficult because not all are on board... My companion, the ward members... It is tough when you want to obey the new way to work, but your companion just wants to keep doing what he has always done... Knocking doors and teaching new investigators. But, little by little he will change.
Umm... What else. Really, there isnt much else. We passed Thanksgiving without anything new - we didnt do anything as a mission, nor in the ward. But, hey, that´s fine, because now it is December and Christmas is around the corner.
Well, that´s all folks. I love you all so so much and I know that the Lord lives. I know it. I know He loves us. I know that families can be together forever. I know it with everything that I am. I feel it so strongly.
Until next week then!
-Elder Jensen

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