Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Broken Camera

So, what is up there in Utah??? I heard you guys got lots of snow... Even in St. George. I would kill for snow here. It is hot and humid all the time, but Im used to it by now, so it isnt too bad. 
This week was good!!
MONDAY- Monday after Internet, we had a zone activity. We played futbol and had a bbq. It was really fun. The bbq was good, we basically just put the chorizos on french style bread and ate huge chorizo sandwiches with guacamole and other stuff. They were really good, until they made my stomach hurt. haha.
TUESDAY- We went to another area in the morning to finish the service project that we had done a week ago, to chop down a giant tree. Last week we chopped down the top part, and on Tuesday we went and finished off the tree. It was good, but I got super burnt and I was exhausted so we went home and kinda fell asleep for a couple of hours. My shoulders and basically my whole body just hurt from chopping the tree for a couple of hours and from the sun.
WEDNESDAY- We went out and taught people including la hermana Sonia Guanacoma who has been inactive for a long time, even after going to the temple and being sealed to her husband. She is hurting really bad because she wants to go back to church but she just feels so hurt and mad from something that the members did a long time ago to her. Basically, when she needed the most help with her daughter who is disabled, the members werent there for her and even refused to help her because she didnt have money. We are working with her so she can come back to church, but it will be a long and difficult road.

THURSDAY-  We taught to Felipe Brito, a 17 year old, who we have been working with so he can get baptized. Basically right now, his uncles and family members are talking to him a lot about why he shouldnt get baptized. It is frustrating, because he tells us that he isnt sure anymore if he wants to go through with it, because he doesnt want to be alone there in the church or even there in Heaven without his family. We testified that some day, maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but some day his family will listen to the missionaries and will get baptized.
FRIDAY- Nothing special happened Friday.
SATURDAY- I turned 13 months in the mission. Time is flying by fast. We taught more people, investigators and less actives.
SUNDAY- Church. We went by to pick up the family Camacho, the recent converts who are less active now. I tried everything to get them to go, even to the point of hopping their big gate and trying to force them to go, but for some reason they just dont want to go. They tell us all the time that they know it is true, but they just wont budge. haha. But, we are going to visit them more and teach them so they can go for themselves.
So, that was basically my week. It was good, the weeks are passing faster and faster here in the mission.
I know I am right where the Lord needed me to be. I am learning so many things and while it may not be super easy, I am doing what the Lord wants me to do. I know the church is the only true church on the earth. I know it. I know that the Lord lives and He loves us. I know that families truly can be together forever and we will be in complete happiness and peace. I know it because I have prayed and God has heard my prayers. I know it to be true with everything that I am.
Soooo... I guess here comes the bad news. My camera broke. So, no new pictures until I can buy a new one. Or maybe the other elders in my zone have the pictures. I will try to send them next week.
Until next week then!
I love you!
-Elder Jensen

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