Monday, November 4, 2013

Year Mark!

Hello family! I hope everyone is doing well. 
Time is passing faster and faster. It is crazy to me that we are in November already.
It is the week of my year mark. I have arrived at the half-way point. Honestly, I am blown away that I have a year in the mission. I am amazed that I have less than a year left in my mission. I am excited for the second half of the mission.
This week, was a little bit more of the same. Today, I only have an hour for internet. We are beginning to do more zone and district activities (something that in the past, never happened) and so today, we are going to go BOWLING!!! haha, I am so excited. There is only one bowling alley here in Santa Cruz, and for the first time, President approved that we could go.
Let´s see what happened this week... 
Some newsworthy things, were:
We found Delfin and Daisy. A mom and dad whose baby girl was sick and recentely died. They are hurting badly and Delfin, told us that before, he wasnt open to learning about other churches, but now he has a lot of questions and he is more open. We have only taught him once, so we still arent sure if he is going to progress or anything, but at least we found someone else to teach that might be open to the church.
Oh, Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday, gramps and Kelsey! 
Here in Santa Cruz, Halloween isn't common. Only the richer people,  (in the first and second rings) celebrate it or the kids go trick-or-treating. It was just kind of a normal day here for me. It was funny since a lot of members told me that the members of the church shouldnt celebrate halloween, since it is a night of evil things. I explained that now, it is just a night to have fun and that we still celebrate it. 
Then came their holiday, The Day of the Dead, here they call it ¨Todos Santos¨ or All Saints. Basically, everyone makes homemade bread to give to people and then they go to the cemetary all day. It isnt a big thing, with everything like it is in Mexico, so it was just a normal day, with even less people in their homes for us to teach.
Not much else is going on here in my area, Abundancia. We arent having much success... The area is pretty weathy and for the first time in my mission, it has been difficult to find people that really want to listen to us. But, we are still here, plugging along as mom calls it.

I love you all so much. I know the church is true, there isnt anyother on the earth. All the other churches are good, they can make you happy or make you a better person, they can do exactly what our church does, except for one thing, they cant allow you return to our Heavenly Father again. That is the difference and that is what makes the church the only true church... that it allows us to return to the presence of our Father in Heaven again, and that is the purpose of this life- to have happiness and to return to live with Heavenly Father again. I know this with my whole heart and I know God listens to us and still loves us.
Until next week, I guess.
-Elder Jensen

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