Monday, November 18, 2013

Going Strong

Another week has passed and I am still here going strong. This week went by faster than the last and I honestly dont have much to tell you all, since we just worked like normal but here is what happened with me...
This week, we started teaching new people.
Sister Diana Sandoval is a 22 year old girl who listened to the missionaries before and this week we taught her about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. She was really nervous to pray because she thought the bed or things would start to move, but we explained to her, and she prayed and read the Book of Mormon, she said she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and she accepted a baptismal date for December. 
She has her husband and baby girl, but the husband doesnt want to listen to us, maybe some day soon he will listen.
We also taught Brother Delfin Flores and his wife, Daisy, the couple that I told you lost their baby reciently. We taught them about eternal families and they had a lot of questions, about death and where is their daughter now. They are really confused because people from other churches (namely the Jehova´s Witnesses) are visiting them and they are just so confused. They thought their baby girl was there in the ground, just in a really deep sleep. But, we taught them and they said they would pray to know if it is true. 
The hard thing with them is that they never have time for us to visit them... just once a week every Sunday. But, little by little, they will hear our message and I hope they progress. They are hurting a lot, and I know the gospel message will help them with everything.
Other than those two, we didnt do much this week. Last week, we thought we found a house for the new missionaries and us to live in, but the zone leaders told us that we couldnt live there, so this week was ¨Find a House¨ week. When a lesson fell through, we went out on the hunt. The houses here a either just rooms put together and they all share the bathroom,  or they are really small. So, it was tough to find a house for us to live in, but we found one that is more or less suitable. But, it is fine.
Ummm... What else happened? Umm... It is getting really hot and everyone started giving us watermelon to eat, instead of just soda. It has been a nice, delicious change.
Other than that, there isnt much left. I love you guys so much. I will talk to you later... Until next week!
... My card reader broke. Pictures... some time soon!

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