Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 12, 2013

How goes it everyone? I am hoping everyone is doing well, havent heard from Brooke or Corey or even Oakley for some time now- are they still alive and doing well?
This week was good, it went by so fast, but it was good--
 Lets see what happened this week-
Monday, like I told you already, we went to go bowling on Monday, it was super fun and good to just hang out and relax for a little bit- we didnt even get to finish and see who won, because here you pay by the hour and not the game, and we didnt know that, so we didnt get to finish the game, but it was still good-
Tuesday and the majority of the week, we were told that 2 more Elders will be coming to our area to work with us at the end of the month, so we were looking for a new house to rent. We didnt do a ton of teaching since we had to look for a house, but we finally found one, and so fun stuff.
Wednesday I had an intercambio (exchange) with my district leader, Elder Sarasty, from Columbia. My companion went over to his area and he worked with me in my area- it went really well, we taught a teenager named Milton and we challenged him to baptism- he accepted and he is working on getting baptized this 30th of November,
I learned a lot that day- I learned that I need to just be me, even if my companion wants to be a robot and just teach the lessons and not according to what the people need, it was really good and he even bought me dinner to celebrate my year mark in the mission
Thursday- My year mark!! Or as mom wrote me today, the countdown begins until I am home. Haha, it was a good day! I was really happy and had a good attitude all day, even if my companion is a twinkie (just 9 more days together, I can survive.) Haha. I feel different now that I have a year under my belt, more confident, more happy- I like it
The weekend passed quickly and nothing else newsworthy happened- we are really trying to help the ward get out of the funk that it is in right now- it is going good- I am loving the work now-
Well, that is about it for this week- It went by fast but it was a good week-

I honestly know that the church is true. We teach people all day about the truth but many just think that it is impossible to know which is the true church. With all the other churchs and doctrines out there, they have just given up hope that they can know the truth for themselves. That is the thing though, we can know for ourselves what is the truth. I know with everything that I am, that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one and only true church of God here on this earth-- I know it, I can feel it in my heart! I do not have one doubt about it-. I know also, that even though we arent perfect as people, God still loves us- He will always love us and that is the truth!

I love you so much!! Talk to you all next week!
Ugh, I was going to send you all some pictures but my zone leader stole my card reader. Haha, maybe I will send them in another email if I have time, if not, I guess you all have something to look forward to next week! Bye!

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