Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hi family!

So, I am finally here in Bolivia, finally with my people and my country. This week has been hard. I dont know what is going on ever, and my companion doesnt really explain much except that we are going to this place at this time, and I say, okay. 

Right, whoever said Santa Cruz had a mild temperature lied! It is the hottest place on this earth. The sun is always shinning and I am always sweating. The teaching and talking to people I can deal with, in fact I love that part, just the constant heat is so difficult to bear. 

Coolio, on to my companion. My companion´s name is Elder Chub. He is from Guatemala, not sure what city, because I dont understand that part. He is a quiet, kind of serious missionary. A really hard worker, but serious and it makes me feel horrible for complaining and I feel like he doesnt understand how I am feeling. But, we like to do the same things and we like the same movies and music which is great... Gives us something to talk about. 

Okay, so breakdown of this week

Monday- I dont remember... Is that when I spoke to you Mom, Dad and Kels? Probably, so just a traveling day. 
We got to Bolivia, and we met President Calderon and his wife. Very nice, but pretty strict about obedience and stuff, which is good for me. We ate at some restaurant... Which, by the way, I grabbed a piece of meat that someone told me was good, it looked okay, I ate it. Didnt like it. Tasted like cow manure and come to find out... It was cow stomach.... I think that cow still had manure in that stomach..

I wish they had tortillas here or beans but they dont. They have chicken or carne, with mountains of their weirdly made rice and maybe something else. THEY LIKE TONS OF RICE!!! Their rice is strange, as I already said, It is like liquidy still and every time I eat it, I gag and almost puke because they put something on it that just reminds me of that cow stomach... Both the rice and the cow stomach tasted straight like manure. 
But, I will say this. Last night we ate at the First Councilor's house and they gave us steak.... First time in my life that I liked it.. The flavor, still had a problem with the texture, but ya,  first time. 

Ummm... We teach people, we testify, blah blah blah. 

I have like 15 mosquito bites. Every night, I lather myself in bug repellent by they like my blood too much and they bite me anyway. I dont understand. I always yell at them BE GONE, FLYING SPAWN OF SATAN!!! (If you didnt imagine Ace Ventura there, something is wrong with you)

Bolivia is crazy. It is hotter than any place else and it is poor.. I just need to rely on my Lord even more because He suffered more than I will ever suffer here and that is what I need to do. 

I love you my family. Sorry I cant email more... Or send pictures. I dont have time. I will next week! I love you!

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