Friday, January 4, 2013


It is now 2013 and we are all alive! Oh, happy day!
Sorry I didnt write on Tuesday, since it was New Years the temple was closed and they switched my P-Day to today.
The Peruvians know whats up with New Years, they dance, hang out and party all night with tons and tons of loud, crazy fireworks. It was like that on Christmas too. Most of our teachers partied all night, went home changed and came here to the MTC to teach us.
Anyway, so not much happening here, I only have like 5 more days in this place and then they will ship us out to Bolivia into the field where I will know nothing of what is going on. I am excited, and I feel ready but, a little bit nervous for this all.
Cool story time, ready?
So, basically, I already have had a baptism... Kinda. My second week here, we went proselytizing and my companion and I found this girl who wasnt a member but here family was. She just didnt feel like it was important for her as a 16 year old and she never read the Book of Mormon. Anyway, so she was the only lesson we actually taught that day, with me just saying my testimony and not much else.
Then, the week after, my companion and I went out and we were given addresses of people to go teach and no one was home, so we thought to ourselves lets go teach that one girl. We had her address and we were close by her house, so we went and taught her again. I was forced by my companion to give half of the lesson, and it went well.
Fast forward a couple weeks to last P-Day, we were at the temple and the teacher that we were proselytizing with was just randomly there, and he stopped me, saying in super fast Spanish something that I did not understand. I asked him to repeat and he told me:
Elder Jensen, that very last girl that you taught, got baptised this week! So great job!
WAIT WHAT??? Haha, oh my goodness! I was so shocked and so happy for this 16 year old girl that she made the committment!
Ya, that is just me, getting people baptized when I am still in the MTC. 
No, I am totally just kidding. There is no one else to give credit to than the Spirit of the Lord. But, amazing experience to just have a tiny part of.
Lets see...
More earthquakes. They are common here and we just basically ignore them.
Dad told me that Chase said that Bolivians speak in vos form. I am starting to doubt that you know anything, Chase. I have asked the people here, and there is a native elder here from Santa Cruz, and they all say no. The only weird thing that Bolivians do is not really say the ending of the word.
Entonces, Chase is wrong and is just in dumb Guatemala and I am in the best country in the world, so there.
Also, the native Bolivian said that the people there are super nice, humble, easy to talk to, and super accepting of the word. Also, fun fact for you, there are fruit trees every where on the street that just grow natural fruit and you can just pick it off and eat it.
What else happened?
Other than the fact that after today, I wont be able to go through the temple again for two years. That is crazy.
Nothing much else.
Let me know what is going on and all.
I love you so much and I know that this is where I am meant to be, even though it is the most difficult thing I have ever done and I dont even really know Spanish, and everything. But I am supposed to be here.
I want you to know, that you are loved by an Almighty God, who is out there (somewhere), that knows your pain, knows your problems and just wants you to come unto him and do what He says in His scriptures.
Just think of it, an all-powerful, all-knowing God in Heaven knows you personally and loves you unconditionally. He sent His son to die and take on the sins of the world just so you could return to Him.
Please, never forget or take for granted this amazing blessing we have been given.
If you were having troubles with being obedient, start today. It is a new day. A fresh new start to be obedient to Him.
Pray for strength and He will come through.
I love you all and I pray that God is with us all!
-Elder Jensen

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