Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lima Peru * Earth Quaked

Hello everyone!
I seriously cant believe it has already been another week come and gone. This one went soooo fast and it is just crazy!
Some significant things that happened in my week:
We had an earthquake here two days ago. It was the perfect alarm clock since it was like at 6:25am which is when I wake up. It wasnt a big one but enough to wake me up. Peru is crazy!
We actually went out into Lima city and knocked on doors and taught people. Such an amazing, humbling experience.
They put us with a native elder and we just all split up and go on our own. I was with an Elder Torres. He was super nervous to begin and kept looking at me to talk, but I could not understand a word the people were saying. We are so used to our teachers who talk slow and ennunciate... I dont know how to spell that word... And the Peruvians just mumble, talk so quiet and so fast. I loved it though. Elder Torres then got the hang of it and we taught like 11 people. It was grand. We go out again this next Saturday.  A lot of us really realized for the first time the importance of this message that we have... That we need to share it with people because it isnt just to make peoples days better or easier to bear the challenges of the world... but it is for the eternities. It is just incredible. I love this gospel that we have.
We learned some Spanish, taught some investigators, ate some Peruvian food, went to the bathroom a couple of times, played some Volleyball and futbol. Umm... We had a Christmas light festival last night when they turned on the lights here at the MTC. It was grand. We got out of class and got hot chocolate (watered down chocolately water) and some cookies. Then we just took pictures with everyone...
Spanish is coming and I like it everyday when I feel like I can express myself. But, as I was shown on Saturday, I will not be able to speak to the Bolivians when I get there, which I am okay with.
Something that really hit me hard this week is that this gospel has the power to fill us with happiness if we let it and if we accept it when our whole hearts. And if we pray for specific things, God will bless us with specific things. I pray for happiness every day and it is incredible how I dont stress about things and I am just happy all the time. i love this so gospel so much.
I pray for you all every day more than you know. I love you all so much and I ask God all the time to bless you with the answers that you need and that you will be happy. I promise you that if you will try with your whole heart to be better and to try your best to come unto Christ, He will be more in your life. Please, come unto Him. The only way to be truly happy in this life is to pray and come unto Christ. To live this gospel.
¡¡Ser Mormon Es Ser Feliz!!
I know this to be true!
I love you all so much!
Until next week,
Elder Jensen!
P.S. How is the rest of the fam? Grams and everyone?
Tell them all hi and tell them I love them so much

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